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Vinsign has been a member of the “Les Panneaux Michelin” club for many years, where a lot of knowledge and information is exchanged. Everything you need to know about the famous Michelin panels is discussed here.

It is obvious that the Michelin panels are a kind of French heritage.

Vinsign is the only one in the world who reproduces these signs in a very authentic way and we are proud at that!

For a prominent club member with the greatest knowledge of the Panneaux Michelin, Vinsign was able to work with the client to design a Plaque Michelin according to an authentic example, and proudly produce it.

It is, like all Vinsign Michelins, made of the best materials and painted entirely by hand.

The colors, layout and font are identical to the original which unfortunately can no longer be traced.

More information or order the PLAQUE ST. AUBIN P.dPr.

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