About Vinsign

We are proud to revive the original ‘panneaux’ as authentic as possible. To guarantee a precise and historical correct ‘panneau’, we spend a lot of time studying the original colours and fonts, as well as the history of the ‘panneau’, the circumstances of that time and the route connections. The colours are almost identical to the original just as the authentic font which we create as detailed as possible. In order to give the sign a ‘damaged’ look, we apply our own techniques.

Our reproductions are made out of dried branches, beechwood or oak combined with authentic materials such as wood or metal shores and brass screws. All signs are provided of a transparent finish and are suitable for outside use (although covered by a e.g. terrace roof). On request we will use synthetic resin, which will make the product suitable for all weather conditions.

Every ‘panneau’ is handmade with passion and is delivered including a VinSign certificate.