Michelin signs

The raw material for the plates is gray lava stone from the Mont Dore lava flows. Blocks of 1.5m3 (4,000 kg) were transported to the Michelin factory in Catroux, where they were sawn into plates of 15mm thickness with water supply, using multi-bladed saws that could cut multiple plates at once, taking several days. The plates were glazed with a powder mixed from clay, oxides, and coloring, and fired at a temperature of 800 ° C. The resulting white enameled plates were then lettered using sliding molds, and blue powder was applied for contrast before being baked again. The plates were often made as a set of 2 or 4 stone plates on a concrete base, and could be mounted on a pole, a mushroom-shaped post, or directly on a wall. VinSign can reproduce over 2000 original Panneaux Michelin designs from 1928 to the late 60s in the desired execution.