VinSign Info
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Company details

Vinsign bm
Erster Rundweg 6
D-48465 Schüttorf

Tel.: +49-(0)152 524 33 770
+49-(0)5923 968 419

Chamber of commerce. IHK Osnabrück Nr.: 36859
VAT nr.: 5512906409
VAT DE305702838

Bank: Grafschafter Volksbank Bad Bentheim
IBAN: DE19280 699 5650 1311 4100

Atelier open:
Mo – Fr 9:00 – 19:00 by appointment

Order / Payment

How to order:

Get in touch with by filling out the contact form. Within a day you will receive a detailed offer. Of course you can call us, too.


After we have received the confirmation of order, you are able to pay via bank transfer (before shipping).

Payment via PayPal is also possible.


Ordered goods can be revoked until 5 days before the shipment. After this moment of time, we will take up 50% of the price.


All goods are shipped by DHL from Germany or The Netherlands. Packaging costs are free.

Prices are based on a maximum size of 1200 x 600 x 300 mm.

EU 0 – 5 Kg
5 – 10 Kg
10 – 20 Kg
€ 19,00
€ 23,00
€ 33,00
CH 0 – 5 Kg
5 – 10 Kg
10 – 20 Kg
€ 30,00
€ 36,00
€ 50,00
USA 0 – 5 Kg
5 – 10 Kg
10 – 20 Kg
€ 38,00
€ 55,00
€ 77,00
CANADA 0 – 5 Kg
5 – 10 Kg
10 – 20 Kg
€ 39,00
€ 53,00
€ 73,00

Vinsign info

Our products:

We are proud to revive the original ‘panneaux’ as authentic as possible. To guarantee a precise and historical correct ‘panneau’, we spend a lot of time studying the original colours and fonts, as well as the history of the ‘panneau’, the circumstances of that time and the route connections. The colours are almost identical to the original just as the authentic font which we create as detailed as possible. In order to give the sign a ‘damaged’ look, we apply our own techniques.

Our reproductions are made out of dried branches, beechwood or oak combined with authentic materials such as wood or metal shores and brass screws. All signs are provided of a transparent finish and are suitable for outside use (although covered by a e.g. terrace roof). On request we will use synthetic resin, which will make the product suitable for all weather conditions.

Every ‘panneau’ is handmade with passion and is delivered including a VinSign certificate.

upcoming events

75th anniversary of D-Day

75th anniversary of D-Day

We are with a large collection at the following militaria fairs:

June 2    Vierville sur Mer

June 3   St.e Mere Eglise

June 5   Ecausseville

June 7   Carentan

June 8   St.e Marie du Mont

W E L C O M E !