Plaque Michelin La Drôme 1939
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Bayeux Michelin d6b

Diverse Signs, Miscellaneous Signs, Panneaux Michelin
About This Project

The small river La Drôme in Calvados is 58 km long and flows under the old Route N13 between Bayeux and Vaucelles.

The old Plaque Michelin was placed on 11-01-1939 by a small bridge over the N613, the former N13, near Bayeux.

The small plaque will not last longer because the condition has been very bad for several years.

Reason for Vinsign to “restore” this simple but beautiful original as exact reproduction


The reproduction is fully handmade and painted in authentic colors and provided with the original font with its typical Michelin set, giving the plaque the authentic look.


Measurements: 850 x 360 mm

Weight: 3,5 Kg.

Price: on request