Plaque Michelin Saint Lo Gc6
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Plaque Michelin Saint Lo Gc6

Panneaux Michelin
About This Project

In the small town of Saint-Samson de Bonfossé, the Manche department has been hanging since the early 1930s, forgotten and hidden behind the traffic signs of the modern era, a unique Plaque Michelin. This indicates the old Grande communication Nr.6 from St. Lo to Avranches (the current D 999). This Plaque has “seen” the hustle and bustle of D-Day and “counted” all passers-by to date.

Such a copy belongs in the large Michelin collection of Vinsign!

Our reproduction is an exact copy of the panneau in St. Samson de Bonfossé.

Like the original, the Plaque consists of 2 plates and is of the highest quality.

The material is solid beech wood, completely handmade and hand painted, and of course the special, authentic Michelin font with its peculiarities, which give the plaque its authentic look. Even the back is a work of art in itself.

This panneau comes with a Vinsign certificate, a unique production number and a luxury postcard with photo and description of the original.


Dimensions: 875 x 550 mm

Weight: 12.5 Kg.

Price on request