Borne Michelin Courseulles
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Borne Michelin Gc 205

D-Day Signs, Panneaux Michelin
About This Project

In the 1930s this imposing Borne Michelin was placed on the old coast road Gc205 (the current D 514).

It is June 1944 and Sgt. Harry David from Ottawa, Ontario Canada just landed at Juno Beach. He is at the Borne and points to a large bullet impact.Harry David (1919 – 2015) was promoted after the war and later taught school children about the Second World War.

The Michelin Borne’s were impressive signage mushrooms standing on a concrete leg with a panel of lava stone on four sides with the glazed road information. So they were only at crossings.Unfortunately, the vast majority of Borne’s have been removed over time.

Our panel is an exact reproduction of one side of the Borne, including the contours of the concrete frame and is of the highest quality.

The ratio is 1 to 1. The material is solid meranti, completely handmade, hand painted and provided with a special coating and of course the special, authentic Michelin font with its peculiarities, which give the plaque its authentic look.

This panneau comes with a Vinsign certificate, a unique production number and a luxury postcard with photo and description of the original.

Size: 720 x 620 mm

Weight: 8,5 kg.

Price on request