Borne Michelin Lapalisse N7
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Borne Michelin Lapalisse N7

Panneaux la Route Bleue, Panneaux Michelin, Signs on demand
About This Project

The Route Nationale 7, La Route Bleue

The queen of the French main routes…


In 1811 Napoleon Bonaparte had the Route Impériale constructed from Paris to Rome. From this, the Route Nationale 7 was created in 1824 from Paris via Lyon, Nice to Menton on the Italian border. It is now 995 km long.

France is Paris and from the busy Région Parisienne, the RN7 takes the holidaymaker to the glamorous Cóte d ´ Azur, traditionally the dream destination. Charles Trenet already sang the Route Bleue in 1956.

This route has an aura of romance and nostalgia and certainly because of this its historical status as Route des vacances / Route Soleil.

Due to road widening on the old N7 and the construction of the current highway, the old original Borne has been relegated to a flower box for decades. For Vinsign a reason more to reproduce especially the Lapalisse side.

In Lapalisse, the RN7 is honored by the annual “Embouteillage”, a celebration where the former chaos on the RN7 is re-enacted.

Our panel is an exact reproduction of this side of the Borne, including the contours of the concrete edging and is of the highest quality.

The ratio is 1 to 1. The material is solid meranti, completely handmade, hand painted and provided with a special coating and of course the special, authentic Michelin font with its peculiarities, which give the plaque its authentic look.


This panneau comes with a Vinsign certificate, a unique production number and a luxury postcard with photo and description of the original.


Size: 720 x 620 mm

Weight: 8.5 kg.

Price on request