Panneau Michelin Le Mans 24 heures
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Plaque Longueville GC125

Panneaux Michelin, Signs on demand
About This Project

The legendary Circuit de la Sarthe at Le Mans has been world famous since 1923 as “the 24 Hours of Le Mans”.

The photo from 1962 shows how the famous Ferrari 250 GTO is driven to the track on a truck. This is also the second only known photo of the Poteau Michelin, which was placed on the access road to Le Mans.

The Poteau Michelin has disappeared (only a few other Michelin panneaux are still in the Musée des 24 Heures du Mans)


With much research and study, Vinsign has realized an exact reproduction of this Poteau Michelin.

The new poteau is an exact copy of the original.

The dimensions and colors are identical to the old original.

Special is the lower font, a similar was later used on some Michelin signs, but this is unique, because it was composed with handmade molds.

This unique type is taken over to the millimeter from the original!

The Vinsign reproduction is made up of solid beech wood layers, which have been combined in a special way to obtain a permanent solid construction.

The text plate has 9 special layers to obtain the typical Michelin look.

The “concrete” finish consists of 2 very hard layers.

The whole is available with or without the characteristic Michelin leg.


The sign  comes with a certificate, luxury postcard from the original and a unique production number.

For more information and prices contact us.


Size: 1050 x 650 x 45 mm
Weight: 14 Kg.

Price: On request