Chef du Pont Gc70
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Chef-du-Pont Dunlop Gc70

D-Day Signs, WWII Signs
About This Project

The liberation of Chef du Pont was accompanied by heavy fighting between the 82nd Airborne and the occupying forces.
But on the morning of June 7, 1944, the battle was decided and the village was liberated. It was an important strategic point because of the bridge over the Fiére.

The GC 70 (Grande Communication) was the old road from St. Marie du Mont, via Chef du Pont to Picauville, the current D70

This panneau is also an exact reproduction. Color, proportion and the characteristic Dunlop font are exactly the original, which now hangs in the Normandie Victory Musuem.
Made of solid beech wood and authentic materials such as original old colors and brass screws.

This panneau of highest quality comes with a Vinsign certificate, and a unique production number.


Dimensions: 1000 x 520 mm / plate 26 mm / frame 18 mm

Weight: 7 Kg.

Price: € 295.00