Dunkerque N16
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Dunkerque N16

Miscellaneous Signs, Signs on demand, WWII Signs
About This Project

The Battle of Dunkirk, also known as the evacuation from Dunkirk

Courtesy of Winton Churchill Between May 27 and June 4, 1940, British Army 218,226 men were able to escape a German encirclement along with 123,095 French during the Battle of France.


This sign is a reproduction of an original.

Made of dried old pine and fitted with braces on the back with authentic brass screws.

Like all vinsigns, hand painted/lettered and given a special finish.

It is delivered with unique production number and certificate.


Other sizes and or colors are of course also available.


Dimensions: 1000 x 230 mm / plate 23 mm

Price: € 145.00